subDomainsBrute 1.0.3

A simple and fast sub domain brute tool for pentesters. It can rearch as fast as 1000 DNS queries per second.

这个脚本的主要目标是发现其他工具无法探测到的域名, 如Google,aizhan,fofa。高频扫描每秒DNS请求数可超过1000次。


Usage: [options]
    --version             show program's version number and exit-h,
    --help            show this help message and exit
    --full                Full scan, a large NAMES FILE will be used during the scan
    -i, --ignore-intranetIgnore domains pointed to private IPs-o OUTPUT,
    --output=OUTPUTOutput file name. default is {target}.txt

参数 -t 已经去掉了,想要设定并发线程的数量,请直接修改dict\dns_servers.txt文件中的行数即可。


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